All I remember about Jacob is tears.


All I remember about Jacob is tears.

-Kamala Sarup

He was my humble, young, honorable employer.

I didn't see a lot of highs and lows in his life. When I met him, he had a much more interesting life as an educator. Therefore, if I must myself give the example of an idealistic young man, I refer to him. 

Its been 3 years since Kelly threw a Christmas party, 

he was sitting across from me and said. "He has his own dream, which is not only to define a dream, but also a dream that accepts a reality that provides some fulfillment. Every human being lived in one dream". This is what he said.

 Oh, how lovely that party was! The moon had made its appearance in the eastern sky. Co-workers were still performing. Green trees were visible far away; loud music from the house in the courtyard house sounded like the sky. His mom Kelly made food from the kitchen.  

Even though we are not in our blood relationship, she still treats us as love. "I'm a lucky man with a mother of all abilities. This must be one of the deeds of my past life," he looked at her face and said with a smile.

At that time, in fact, he had certainly had an opportunity to think a little about his own life. Bit by bit, his dream became music and math. 

I remember one day I went to work and I made some mistakes and he forgave me for saying that. 

'Isn't it the translation of the working mind into a journey, which is divided into various smaller parts? Everyone makes mistakes and it's a learning experience”. He made my voice heard. 

I still remember, At that time for him, this kind of internal research becomes a daily chore, Although he accepts certain aspects of life which are still reflected in the current work situation.

He used to feel loved in this way too, as almost every member of his own household could offer him the love he expected. What he really wanted was love and hard work. 

Kelly's young son had a big perspective on life. 

What I understood from Jacob, when he was 15 or 16, he started to like math engineering and cooking. When he moves with Kelly, he adapts to his new environment as a good boy, doing all the tasks that his mother asks him to do.


 His busy schedule ran from early in the morning until midnight. Despite his tireless work, no one has ever seen him appear sad. He smiled the whole time. His good behavior, loyalty and candor enhanced his business. 


He was an example of how a man can fight on his own to secure a stable future for his business. I believe he required the goodwill and companionship of those who cherished his friendship.


 To feel close to someone, one does not need a blood relationship. The mind and feelings are sufficient to rekindle love and affection. 

It's already dark in the morning. I have no idea what tomorrow morning will look like. What is the meaning of happiness? What do sadness mean? I just thought the present was painful, the past is more soothing. But at times, the same past turns into torture. I got a picture of him and his mom the day he died. Now I'm looking at the same photograph hanging from the wall of my room. He and his mother continue to smile at me as always. There's no stopping the flood in my eyes. You are loved and missed Jacob.