Annapurna Neuro Hospital : Overview On Spine Surgery


A popular name in central Kathmandu is Annapurna Neurological Institute & Allied Sciences Hospital.This institute is a recognized and best of all health center for wellbeing of human life . Established in 2009, it is a full-fledged hospital that provides diagnostic,preventive and curative health services.It has 55 - bed capacity right now .It may expand more for fulfilling further standard health services in Kathmandu.

The leading medical doctor in hospital is Basanta Panth and his subordinates are Dr Pravesh Rajbhandari, Dr Resha Shrestha, Dr Samir Acharya , Dr Pritam Gurung and Dr Reema Rajbhandari.It opens 24 hours for health services graded at standard 5-star.An affordable neuro hospital with excellent high quality service is in the heart of capital city Kathmandu - Maitighar Mandala .

In the field of neurosurgery or neuro medicine,this Annapurna Hospital is most famous and economical for public health and services .Doctors and health care professionals are nice in their behavior and treatment.Actually speaking, we believe the best care and service , if the care - givers are good and well-behaved personalities with love. Here,on an average , four/five spine surgery is done daily.

Besides this,there are a number of medical services provided as brain tumor treatment,migraine,back pain,epilepsy,aneurysm,Parkinson,head injury,OCD,tremors,varicose veins,writer’s cramp,spinal cord injury,stroke,bell’s palsy,gastritis,brain cancer,,gallstone,knee replacement,vertigo,acupuncture,post stroke rehabilitation and so on .s brought an amazing and significant

By the by,The spine surgery by Dr Basanta Panth,a veteran cum highly experienced neuro-surgeon of whole Nepal and his neuro team spirits of Annapurna Neuro Hospital is a praise-worthy.His surgery has brought an amazing and significant outcome to Dr Rohit Sainju’s health status who is also next to a highly popular & distinguished Eye surgeon of Nepal. Dr Panth’s medical service as well as treatment is as good as that of the USA-Hospital -for instance,Inova Fairfax Hospital.Afterward,I greeted with our hearty gratefulness and thanks to Dr Panth on his success and dedication.Despite, I remembered and saluted Radha -Krishna along with Mangal Binayak- Shree Ganesh.I feel God is not an option.

He is a necessity and is within our heart. And,He is behind surgery. Once a man like me asked God...where are you . I understand you are everywhere and omniscient. God replied at my spirit “ I am like WI FI my child. Connect Me with a correct

Password- Faith plus pray”. God bless . God bless ....

We have many more challenges in the health sector.For example,diabetes,cancer and heart disease are rising day by day.A large amount of investment capital is spending on health sector by well-to-do persons in Nepal.The cost and benefit of health care and service could not have analyzed yet.It is really difficult to monitor and evaluate cost and benefit proportionately.

The nation’s responsibility is to provide basic health services to Nepali people.Providing health service is the most important human right.The national government , non-government mechanism and private sector need reforms improvements in health sector.Annapurna Neuro Hospital is in front of national health service sector.