Capitalist economy, and socialism are failed to stop poverty?


I am focusing on this article, why economy is of the essence? Why we requires economic reconstruction to ensure growth?. I am arguing here, why still capitalism and socialism are failing to end extreme poverty?

I acknowledge there is confusion between the economic system and the economy, they both stand for. Between Economy and Democracy and socialism or communism.

The economic system and majority rule are a symbol representing called democracy. Replace “economy” by “democracy” results are in the same analysis. This applies the same style when I define about communism or socialism.

I desire to emphasize here about a couple capitalist economy. The capitalist system is the goods and services that a person can purchase. I am trying to state that our commercial enterprises, workers are examples of economic. From an economist’s point of view, money provides access to wealth. Even in a capitalist economic system, why it increases national debt? I can understand this is the system is making future generations will have to pay the national debts, I can see this in the US. Immediately I can tell, the main divisive issue is economic. The emerging of the democracy and economy are two viewpoints. Why capitalism is just facilitating the rich. Why there is a huge divergence between rich and poor? Is capitalism is just for a big jackpot?

I want a system that will allow economic reforms to mature.
Now I desire to argue about communism.
Maoists, Extremist, Socialists, rightest, leftists, Democratic Marxists and those in government. I want to reform World and improve on the legacies of construction of a modern economic system.Communists believed that Marxism would bring around the human welfare. Thus the system will tear down the feudal or capitalist order. I am arguing here this system did not ameliorate the lot of the average person.
They think they can create a utopian nation where everyone would be equal.
And it never happened.
Which signifies that a government enhances its economic, judicial and political.  

An efficient manner to deliver a New Democratic system is by building one that possesses a mature system. Which I want to form. This a new system will stop corruption and so helps to protect the civil rights of every citizen of the country.

My approach today is if we want to hold the economy back. We admit to figure out on internal economy. I am not hesitating to take on various programs. Such as transport, education, health, water supply, solid waste disposal, energy systems and air quality) can play a great role in the promotion of sustainable economic.

I only need to get my act together now. My attention is moving from income poverty to the poverty and inequality of opportunities – economic, societal and political. I want sustained public action to be guided by strong economic priorities. I want subsidies should be focused the small and marginal farmers, farm labor and the urban poor.

I want to review economic emphasis. Like the provision of public goods because it has immediate effects on the uptake. I require to say between consumable goods and per capita income statistics. Social Investment on economic and associated incomes also I prefer.
I have already focused on my new economic politics provide the money and accept the risks and benefits of ownership.

She holds a masters degree in economics.