Covid And Provence


The pandemic has affected local businesses the most. At this crucial time, the business should be continued as much as possible so that the local people get jobs/employment, and the economy stabilizes.

Hence, the pandemic really affected the local businesses. People were not leaving their jobs because they had no job security even if they were ill. "Even in these difficult times, we are busy, and our efforts are truly appreciated. One thing that keeps local companies going is never giving up,” said Kelly Lavorgna. In the times of crisis, it is important not to give up, but to put more effort into supporting these companies. The hospitality business is a wonderful reward if it goes in the right direction.

“I dreamed of opening a French restaurant for people because we didnot have any around this place and I believe the residents of this county deserve the best food,” said Kelly Lavorgna when I asked her before opening this restaurant. All the opinions received from the restaurant are very appreciated and the number of reservations is also very high.

When I first came to Cape May after my recovery from the pandemic, I went to dine in at a French restaurant. I was very curious and excited to have this new experience as a gourmet. I loved the variety of foods in this field. It seemed like the food business there helped to boost the local economy a lot. Therefore, I must say the impact of food trade on the local economy is an excellent answer.

French cuisine is expensive, but it is worth paying for its rich flavors. The effort that it takes to prepare them and make it more delicious is praiseworthy.

Cape May and its people are lovers of ethnic foods and going out on weekends is their culture. Even, its one of my favorite things to do.

“I want to change the menu every 2-3 weeks as I want my customers to enjoy rich French flavors along with their variety of choices,” said Adam Boen, the chef of the recently opened French restaurant called Provence. Adam is an incredibly professional chef. He has worked with several famous restaurants ever since he graduated in Cape May.

He is really a matchless chef. He has an uncanny ability to create food recipes. “We want a unique test for the food we are preparing for our county residents. What it does is create a unique and ancient way for people to cook French food”, Adam told me last week.

When I talked to Adam about his works and his journey as a cook, I wasn't sure that these local businesses had a very high quality for food safety. The owner of Provence, Kelly Lavargno had worked in the hotel industry for years to build the economy. At the first meeting, Kelly said, "Kamala, you're a better cook than me." I was glad to receive this compliment as it was coming from someone, we all take pride in. I wonder how one can be successful and continue to come up with new ideas.

Adam Boen is workes for Kelly and Andrew a talented chef who tries to create varieties of food options. During our conversation the last week, he said “French restaurants are still very expensive like other restaurants, but the foods here make it all worth the pay. We want a one-of-a-kind test for the food we prepare for our county residents. The thing I am doing is creating a unique food taste and giving people the touch of an ancient way to cook French food.” He is different from other great chefs. He's good at making unique recipes.

Due to COVID-19, the food industries and the entire business sector have been severely impacted. Even with so much going on with COVID-19, the good news is that we are busy with works. We have over 50-60 bookings daily," said Adam.

“ After COVID-19, people are trying to get out and take full advantage of the situation," said Adam. He is a very optimistic man.

Andrew is the second owner of Provence added “Despite the rising gas prices, reservations in restaurants remains amazing. I have regular customers who come to the restaurant as they are keen to eat authentic French foods and the menu changes from week to week". Adam often switches menus and takes advice from Kelly.

Kelly is a woman everyone is proud of. How can she be so successful and keep coming up with new ideas that she now runs more than seven breakfast hotels including a French restaurant. She is a pioneer of all the hotels. If you see them, you will never get tired of admiring her.

In the race of restaurant business in America, Delmonico was the first restaurant, founded in New York in 1830.

The former Busboy became a famous restaurant; the best mid-century French restaurant in the United States, another famous French restaurant was established in America called Antoine. Alciatore continued to run the restaurant until 1875. Le Pavillion, after two-year long (1939 and 1940) grand run in New York World’s Fair, was opened in New York City in 1941.

The focus of Provenc's cuisine has been simplicity, developed as a reaction against the medieval reliance on spices, instead of having a pungent or spicy taste, its dishes included butters, herbs and sauces based on meat juices to create a rich, smooth taste.

yes, With limping local businesses in pandemic situation, people were falling sick due to unavailable and insufficient workplace safety measures. However, they didn’t quit their jobs. Surprisingly, the investment continued with a high risk just to create added employment and keep the local businesses thriving. “Even in these difficult times, we are busy and the efforts are truly appreciated. , Kelly further explained.

In time of crisis it is important not to surrender but to make more efforts to sustain the business. Hospitality business is a wonderful reward if it runs in the right direction. Kelly has really established herself as a true role model even in these hard times. Thus, I believe the grasp of food business on the local economy is lucrative.

In the times of crisis, it is important not to give up. The hospitality business is a wonderful reward if it goes in the right direction.