Crossing the Delaware Bay.


I worked on the Cape May Lewes Ferry for seven months. I love the water, beaches and the shore, but there's something special about the ferry. While I worked on the ferry, I met wonderful friends and nice captains and pilots, like Capt. David R. Oat, Capt. Joe Napolean, Capts. Hansen, Sorace, Vance, and Macomber, Pilot Megan and others. They work hard.

I still occasionally watch the ferry as it comes and goes across Delaware Bay and brings back beautiful memories. Cape May Lewes Ferry provides employment directly or indirectly. In my opinion, every individual in Cape May should be employed in terms of his/her own interest, skill, qualification and education. The wealth management and investment pattern can also be synchronized from Cape May to Delaware. It works to develop tourism in a new and innovative way in New Jersey, create more affordable houses, health and educational opportunities.

Last week, I invited some of my friends to my home. They cross the Delaware Bay almost every week. Both of my friends expressed to me how they felt that crossing the bay is stress free and they shared their feelings about it. “Cape May is the birthplace of tourism," my friend said. "Cape May is the root of the idea of tourism of the soul.
"My son likes to ride on the ferry and is always playing outside.

Last Thursday, he stopped all of a sudden. He looked very happy. Somehow, he knows that, at any time, nice things can happen. Although my son's mind didn't draw any definite conclusions, he understood some beautiful lighthouse and the dolphin (picture was taken by Capt. Joe Napolean on March 19) which made him extremely happy.”My friend further added, "Kamala, I am full of love for my business trip from Cape May to Delaware. On the one side, our family situation is secure, as we have sources of income.

I also joined my hands with my friends and, together, we laughed. I found that they, together with their families, both continue to have their similar experiences on water. They continued to smile and love each other fully by crossing of the Delaware Bay.