Dancing and women's power


Dancing and women's power Kamala Sarup

It is my trust, my principles and the discipline that allows me to like dance. I believe in love, like the sun is covered. When I chance to think about dancing and singing, I think we can't accept the dance in a meaningless way. We can't uplift ourselves beyond the definition of love and dance. To feel loved in dance, belief towards our self could find destination and that is our dance.

I have respect toward myself as a woman. I found myself beautiful when I dance. As a result, I have felt much of satisfaction in life and more fully realize what the eternal truth of women's life is. Dancing is a beautiful journey.

Therefore, with a view to making dance bright we have to be wise and in many ways full of understanding. Dancing is a struggle and we have to begin a journey of continuous struggle in which we could feel beautiful. On the other side, it is true some women are living in a limited happiness. But, these women still have the fire within them as women are born with dance inside them. A woman's heart and soul cannot give up her dance, music or love.

"Kamala, I love dance. I am a dancer, one raised with a deep sense of love and beauty." My friend went on to say, "Kamala, I am a beautiful, wonderful, loving woman. I learned to sing and dance from my friends. I dance naturally and love to listen to my music. I listen with deep respect and love. So, dance is so beautiful to me. Dance has fed my soul and my inner being to this day. When I arranged my dress today, I started to dance in front of the mirror. I compared my heart with dance and beauty while I added powder to my face. My house is beautifully decorated and the flowers are blooming. All the necessary goods are available inside the house. I am dancing."

Our phone conversation made me think back to how my sisters and I would sing and dance in our home in Kathmandu. Sometimes we fled to the school to play, ignoring our parents. What my friend helped me realize is that life is the continuous process of living and that as we live in dance, we live in love and beauty.

Whatever love I have, I have turned into love in dance. I could see today that all the leaves had fallen and the moon had turned more beautiful. My face shied in front of my image in the mirror and my heartbeat increased. The sky is blue. The ocean is blue. It was as infinite as my imagination. It made me romantic today.

My friend said to me, "Kam, I am dancing, carrying the smarting beauty and, with this reminder of love and time, reviewing the situation with the hope of meeting my time. It's not easy to dance like this in the heat of the sun for full one hour. I would attempt to go forward in my dancing, the truth of the aching heart with the beautiful life which has almost become my ideal, cannot be denied".

Yes, to see the moon shine every night and to fondle the flowers while looking at the distant road and the beaches through my window would be my own daily routine. The path is full of natural scents. I have faith in dance. I felt a sharp love in my heart. For the most part yesterday, it was beautiful and sunny. I particularly like these kinds of days. Now, I have put on my new clothes. I like my outfit. I might want to dance today. It is true, women living around the world all feel happy to belong to dance, music, culture, love and beauty.

Kamu Sarup