Depression, Woman And Searching For Happiness

She feels pain in this way also: that almost no member of her own household could offer her the love she expected.  Now, even the idea of home brings fear in her. Therefore, in the morning when she goes out of her home, every time she is discharged with the thought of her possible returning home in the evening. Although the place where your own parents and sister live, should be pleasant yet the people who don't understand her well, begin to connect all kinds of things at that time. She is mostly sad. Certainly, she remains in a way dissatisfied with herself.

She has her own dream, that is to say, a dream that accepts the reality which provides some achievement. 'Every human being lives depending on some dream'. her very close friend said at one time. At that time, in fact, she had certainly got an opportunity to think a little about her own life.  

"Isn't the translation of life into a journey, that's divided into different smaller parts?"

Often she feels agitated with the answer less answer when she questions herself. At that time for her, this kind of inner inquiry has become a daily job, although she has some aspects of life of her own kind reflected always in the terrible present now in solitude.

She feels pain in this way also that almost every member of her own home couldn't offer some expected love to her. In fact, what she required most was love. Seeing the hatred, insult and the attitude of selfish individuals she sometimes wishes to commit suicide too. Yes, she really likes to commit suicide. All the members of the house and the relatives she has distantly known are entirely selfish. They are such that they do not even hesitate to create immense pain to her mind.
At this time she is walking on the street. It's the street near the road. A young boy of about seventeen has just jumped into the pond. A crowd of inquisitive passersby is increasingly pouring in and swamping the incident.

"What a pity! Why was he tired of life at such a young age?" A lady who was walking beside her expressed with a deep sigh.

Somehow unknowingly she too feels like jumping into the Pond. Why continue a life like this any more? She feels extremely disgusted with the life she is now living." It's not easy to carry on with this life", but she has received a letter from her friend today also and a sudden enthusiasm to live has cropped up in her once again. But, she, in fact, cannot make her own the outward joy that easily.  

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