Discussion on " Breast Cancer" in Cape May, New Jersey.


http://mediaforfreedom.com organized a talk discussion on "In honor of my late sister and Breast Cancer", in Cape May, NJ May, 2016. A tremendous thanks goes to my friends. Without their inspiring support and guidance, this talk program would not have been succeed. I feel that we can make a difference.

let us join together and launch "Cancer awareness movement" . This will be the greatest legacy that we can proudly lunch. 
I am sure my sister would be happy that her cause is being addressed and she is remembered well. Four years ago my beautiful and kind older sister Bimala Budhathoki was diagnosed with advanced Brest Cancer and died after a courageous battle against it on Jan 2016. She was a great woman and very beautiful. Bimala also played a telefilm with a famous actor when she was young. She had a small role in the telefilm).I loved my sister very much, and will miss her every day.

Due to the sudden demise of my elder sister, suffering from breast cancer I am in terrible pain. This is such a tragic moment. What I have learned through this very difficult life, is love and compassion. My whole life I have been taking care of my sister. This, has been my painful time. May her soul rest in peace! I think, she is in a better place where she will never have to suffer the pain. May God give me strength .

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