Either way, she got raped


Given my interest in contributing to women's problems, which means a fair and equitable social structure, I was anxious to have my social worker friend.

She was an authentic and decisive individual who played an important role in the acceptance of our society. 

Recently, she was violently violated by a gang. She was working and she was molested. She was a female.  Actually, she was sexually assaulted.

I'm reading that letter that my friend sent to me. It makes me sad when I read this letter. She's my friend and tears come from her remembering eyes. It has been three years that we have come forward. That's how I knew.

Friends have meaning when it comes to compassion.

In fact, the social values of female victims of violence in our society are intimidating. The open-minded family environment and all encouragement to my guardians provided me with the independent opportunity in the journey of life. I believe that poor social values are the real and deep-rooted factors that are responsible for the reduction in the number of social workers.

If I remember the past, my thoughts go with it. You're not miserable at the moment. I'll bring you a few books when I get back." My colleague assured me of that. She and her husband have been married for a year. Even if they were not married before last year, they had been in love for 7 or 8 years. Her husband had told people, If I married, I would only marry her. 

Otherwise, I would stay single forever," and my friends and neighbors teased her.

You are hanging in there? If your boyfriend says that if he's not going to marry you, 

My toothless uncle used to tease her and she died of shame with her jokes. My uncle was known as a radio in our town, he would have all the information of everybody around the world.

"Who can take responsibility for the daughter and son of the other while nobody can take even of themselves, who will make a migraine for the children of the other"? I was always bluffing. Naturally, my attraction was different from the others, because my friend was a little more beautiful between friends and also his father had registered a land in his name. 

To be a father's only child.

And being able to have rice grain food each time without even working, no one could spend it in the city.


Kamala, you really improved the grace of the house with such a lovely flower and vases around the house. You really were born as a Kamala. 

My friend used to say." Why you should thank her, your friend did nothing but plant those unnecessary flowers. 

In a small field where the vegetables should have grown. 

Never take it personally. One day, you might need to count the stars resting from the fingers on your forehead." The 80-year-old grandmother always told my friend a long story.


She brought sweets and more from the market every time she walked by. She was so sweet in spirit and body. She only ate if she saw me there. 

I also started crying when I saw her. I tried to brighten him up by holding his hand.


"Pray for our two lives." And she said, holding my hands on her, "Now our friendship will not be separated. As difficult as this is, let us pray for the promise that our friendship will never be.” She seemed more sentimental than before.

She joined social organization just last year.  However, she left the house, but was happy with such a good work. 

I remained calm and did not give any response because my heart would have been heavy with the thought of his departure. When I thought about it, my friend walked out on me, and I started crying.

I stayed up all night following the stars. But I haven't seen her since she left for work, okay? A friend of mine from an isolated community, remember? 

I thought she betrayed me as a friend. On the day she departed, she arrived late at the airport to say goodbye.

"We must hold on to our friendship to survive alone." 

After reading the second paragraph of his second letter, I decided to keep the relationship with him alive, accepting the substance and full of life. Her letter carried the flowering of faith and trust.

The reply to her letter was shorter. Eventually, I said, You're not alone. The woman is never to blame for the rape. Women don't do "things". 

You should think about social work as a means to contribute to greater development. You

Should be on this transporter or beyond, you can contribute to such a humane cause. Education engages women  empowerment. 

It is with this in mind that I have tried to understand this difficult social task of joining social work, and I am convinced that you will be very successful.”

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