HIV infections among men/women


This is one of the real stories.  It shows how women are emotionally involved and suffer from their relationship and how they cannot fight for their health, when they find that their partners are bad on them and infected with HIV. There are many women and men who do not think much about their health. These women and men are threats to health, empowerment and dignity.

"To have good relationship together reserves some meaning if our good character tie in a rope"-my friend Banu was amazed to hear it from her boyfriend.

"Separation should not be anticipated after death too. ?" Her boyfriend expressed it to her lighting a cigarette. She could not answer as she was feeling the beat of pain without talking with him. "The major thing is confidence on health, and trust. It is the matter of marriage too". she said it pouring water in a red plant near the window and finally sat on the sofa near him. He lighted the cigarette on the table although he was not in the habit of smoking .

"Life is like a cigarette". He spoke in a breath in the sense of clarification. "But you cannot be an ideal husband to me! I don't want to be your wife "  She answered in time .
She did not know the number of women with whom he had already had relationships, but what is known to her is that he is not an honest boy friend by heart, because he has been recently infected with HIV.

"It is life. life means to survive." He prepared to deliver a long speech ."We can still love each other in highly manner, we can still share our tears ! Though I am infected with HIV and had relationship with other woman, but it is only you whom I love by heart". He took out a cigarette while making this statement . She thought, he was a shameless men who has no respect for women's health. This is her first year of love affair with him and he betrayed to her.

She could not cry, as he was a number one  a bad man. How can he love his girlfriend when he just started a new date with a new woman who was also HIV infected? If he loved his girlfriend, he would never love another woman.

It was a dark night. He was smoking. The cigarette is burning. What she is thinking now is that her life with him is also burning like a cigarette.

She was informed about her boyfriend by her friend  only yesterday by telephone. How can I believe it ? He was infected with HIV. He was also dating another woman. The shameless question without hesitation make her more pained.

"I have urgent blood work at the hospital" Her boyfriend said and went out. Though he went for a moment, she felt more pain in his departure. She looked out the window . He was walking on the road, and she knew he has HIV, and he was going to die soon. How selfish! How dishonest man?  
She rememberd the first meeting with her boyfriend. How they began to meet each other daily."I have only one friend and that is you" he told her many times. "If I love someone that is you," he proposed to her.

"Do you know ? I have HIV. I have started to like a new woman. I didnot know, she was infected with HIV. We spent our time together. I found your image in her face, imagining that she was you. I know she is the another woman. Believe me." He repeated these words to her. All that happened recently.

She determined that he can't be her boyfriend or husband. Now, she has tears on her eyes and walking on the road and she has no destination. "Kamala, I have no life, I am infected, no happiness, no destination. I am lost and I am depressed" while she was talking, she was crying with me in Dec 2007.

There should be a law passed to punish men or women who betray their partners.