Human Rights, Development And Democracy


We are inter-connected with each other in many respect. Poverty and crimes brought suffering for the people. Because of the poverty and crimes many countries are facing human-rights crisis. Many countries need urgent and immediate attention. World body like UN can play a very important and constructive role in establishment of development, resource and expertise in this regard. This is the high time that we should engage constructively to development building process and use our resource, and expertise. And at the same time civil society has also a bigger role to play in shaping of policy agenda.

"There is massive violation of International humanitarian law," Dinesh Tripathi, a well-known human rights lawyer from Nepal who has worked as a human-rights attorney for the Nepal Supreme Court for fifteen years, said recently. "This process has to be stopped immediately. In addition to that violation of human rights must be closely monitor by International community and urgent and immediate measure should to be taken to stop the violation of human rights and humanitarian law.

"Democratic peace and development are the need of the hour for the people. Development cannot exist or secure without full guarantee of human rights, democracy and rule of law and at the same time social justice and equity is also a pre-condition of genuine development. And it is self-evident truth that peace cannot survive amidst vast social and economic inequality, exclusion and marginalization. For the establishment of the genuine development root cause of poverty has to be addressed. No doubt that just and equitable socio-economic order is pre-condition of it.

"Peace cannot just happen by itself automatically but it need a concerted and collective action on the part of stakeholder to build and create peace. Since peace does mean it provides a space for realization of fundamental rights and liberty for people. Without peace there could be no guarantee of well being, prosperity and happiness of people and without democracy and human rights no genuine peace is possible." He said.

Peace and democracy requires a restructuring of social order and existing power structure. Human rights requires socio-economic and political justice. It provides a space for people to genuine participation in the nation-building process. For the genuine democracy, human rights and peace people must have a control over their destiny. Now democracy, human rights and peace are our prime agenda. Therefore just ending crimes does not create democracy, human rights and peace by itself it is a necessary condition but not a sufficient condition of it. We must play an active and constructive role.

Democracy, human rights and peace are too serious subject. People most come forward and take responsibility. Without an active and constructive participation and engagement of people at grassroots level, no development can move forward. Economic development is most fundamental of the fundamental rights of the people. Because without economic development people are unable to enjoy their any other rights and freedom.

We have to agree on the plain and simple fact that there must be a strong desire for the development, democracy and peace. Violation of human rights and humanitarian law must stop immediately.

Geneva convention has become the part of customary International law. Violation of Geneva Convention considered crime against humanity and perpetrator and violator must be held accountable for their action. We all must play a chief role. People are the main stakeholder in this development democratic process. Participation of civil society and media must be ensured. Economic development must be open and transparent. There must be a broader agreement of goal and objective, such as guarantee of people's sovereignty, basic human rights, democracy, independence of judiciary and rule of law.

Likewise freedom of speech and press, right to association, right to life, right to equality is the basic rights of people, which are non-negotiable rights. "Human-rights issue must be at the top of the agenda of any development and peace process", Dinesh Tripathi further argued. He has made extensive contributions by doing research on social studies, culture, language and literature.

We need to achieve economic stability. I believe, for peace, human rights, democracy and an economic development, which largely depends on our work and policy, needs commitment. Globally people need political stability, human rights, development, peace, and democracy.

Published in Scoop Media.