I Love Cape May


Why I Love Cape May?
Sarup Kamala
Published in Cape May County Herald Newspapers

When I moved from Pennsylvania to Cape May, I knew that I was blessed with the greatness of new feelings. I visited places like Ocean City and Atlantic City, but decided to stay at the shore. I fell in love with Cape May’s shore; beautiful Sunset Beach, sounds of tides in the ocean and the Boardwalk in Wildwood. Living and working here has been an inspiration for my passion in writing articles and stories.

I always used to wonder why people liked certain kinds of seasons, but not all. I never even cared to think about it as I always thought there was nothing to be excited about for a particular season. But I started to notice that the months before June and July brought some extra happiness to my life. This is the time when the Jersey tomatoes ripen in the fields; the buds develop into different kinds of flowers that add a sweet fragrance into the air. The sky slowly gets rid of all those rain clouds and becomes crystal clear. This is the time, not only for a particular age group, but also for every individual to share their happy thoughts and moments with each other.

The sound of children playing on the Boardwalk, couples holding hands, and the smell of flowers in the air makes this place lively and fun. During this time of the year, visiting relatives, friends and also historical places can help us know about our past and also help us spend our evenings too. Many people choose to spend their evenings on Sunset Beach watching the sun set into the horizon.

Cape May City is also famous for bird watchers. Last year, there was a big event for them here because many species of birds and butterflies migrate from the south to nest in the north and back (in the month of October) coincidently making this place a half-way stopping point due to the abundance of food and its climatic condition at this time of the year. I see birds flying up to the farthest distance and their navigation techniques for such long distances amaze me and this is partially understood. Watching those species of birds has become one of my hobbies.

Later, I wished I could have my own house surrounded by flowers and trees from where I could see water and waterfalls. So, I bought a beautiful home here in Court House and made my wish come true. I also made a lot of friends with whom I shared my experiences, and gained some new ones too.

Cape May is rapidly turning into a tourist area for both domestic and international tourists. Therefore, I would like people from different parts of the country to visit Cape May this summer so that you cannot only see but also feel the wonders of this place.
I love being here in Cape May and I think moving to Cape May was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

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