I respect, admire and love my father.


Published in opednews.com: With my dear father. I respect, admire and love my father. — at Naigara Falls in 2014. In fact, life does mean a difficult journey. I spent many years in success and transitional state. I am a kind-hearted person. And also, I completed journey that I started. I had been broken hearted at my grandfather's death, had felt lonely at grand mother's death. My grand mother died, a sad death. Death defeated her. She went never to return. A dreadful night! Dogs were barking and in the emptiness with in of some noises of people my grand father had left me. The burden of looking after other's lives fell on my soldier; I became dumb founded and kept weeping looking at the moon. Perhaps I was horrified to spend the rest of life in the absence of grand parents.

My father, keep watching at the shining moon. Since I have been knowing  you try your best to lead life towards reality. I think our relationship is not a trial and error. Let's forward to establish a history of our relationship. It not for us, it might be the pillar for coming generation. I am always ready to fight the battle of freedom, justice, peace and love and harmony. Such confidence is already developed insight me. These are my clarification which I dare to put forward . I am fighting for that truth .

 Father, life stands for sorrow and happiness, success and failure. I think the life is dark . So, I dare to walk in the dark. I think the life is beautiful too.  

My love to my father for humanity, freedom, love and respect. Happy Father's Day.

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