India's Independence Day


 "This is the Independence of light, when each of us looks with anticipation towards that which is good and wonderful and joyful. Our congratulations to India" My friend said.

"Indian people, students and workers are in the street celebrating the Independence day. Since some years, economic prospects such as employment, business, investment all are growing in India. I think much of  India's development. Her progress, development towards her people and creative talents have really touched and moved me. I always pray for her success," she further added.

India is celebrating its independence day with hoisting of the national flag and parades. India gained freedom from British rule in 1947.  

Democracy, development, politics, and environment are the subject of being more progressive.
Only development and democracy can tell the people about the right path that they have known or experienced. What we can do is to watch, observe, enjoy and lead ourselves into the right path on development, freedom and peace. I congratulate to Indian people.
My friend further stated "  Please try to keep it always in harmony and joy. Success and failure are the relative terms of human existence and both are equally important to us.  It is true that Indian people are able to progress because of  passion."

 I am an anarchist, however I respect security and freedom. We people have already developed a powerful self-foundation inside us which surely help us to reach at our goal.  We are right, we should be optimistic," he told me over the phone.

Said my Indian friend, "More about the Democracy and
development, sharing our ideas for discussions during the Independence day.   What are the major objectives, and what are the strategies to achieve them?  I know how deeply we feel the terrible troubles because of violence". he said.

I am really happy that India is celebrating its Independence day. I wish for you and your people, all the best.