Ladakh….Why….WHY NOT….


Ladakh is not a place; it’s a feeling which cannot be expressed in words. The place is an untouched paradise for many holding real life stories of people round the corner of world. It is the only spot on globe which the entire race of Homo sapiens wishes to visit once in their lifetime. A lot has been scripted about this magnificent beauty by numerous authors, none of which can completely elucidate the real image. Actions speak louder than words is a perfect quote to nail down the essence of taking a trip to Ladakh.

About Ladakh

The place is nicknamed as land of high passes. It is these high passes which provide the place its scintillating image. The geography of the land is as unique as its aura. It extends from Siachen glacier in Karakoram Range to main great Himalayas. The place also has its strings attached to Tibet. The inhabitant of the place adds more glory to its image and elucidates the real picture of Incredible India.

How to reach Ladakh

The easiest way to reach the place is by Air. However, you would not even think once to compromise a free business class to reach the destination by bike. Railways is also an option, however, it is seldom taken. The brand bullet is all in the air on the roads to Ladakh.

What to Do when in Ladakh

A tourist in Ladakh has a lot to offer to its cornea. From first breeze in the morning to last image of dawn, each scene is a pure bliss. Fresh apples hanging on the window pane of your hotel room steals the early morning show. The noon time could be dedicated to the German bakeries located in the heart of city. The delicacies offered in these bakeries pamper your taste buds in a way that makes you forget favourite item from your oven. Move few kilometers away from Ladakh and what happens next is you suddenly land on to a spot defying all laws of gravity. There you are on a magnificent place called Magnetic Hill.

Ditch the Modern Architecture

Youths form a major portion of travelers to this place and the last architectural building that attracts them is a spiritual space. But Ladakh is an exception to almost everything. The monasteries in Ladakh are a complete show stopper. The HD lenses of your camera would never have such a beautiful object to be captured. The major attractions include Likir Monatery, Phyang Gompa, Hemis Monastery in 1870, Thiksey Monastery etc. The google images might showcase them as similar but your physical presence would change your perception to 360 degrees. The solace you get in these architectural masterpieces helps you discover a refined version of yourself.

Hail in the Valleys of Ladakh

Ladakh is  a place that never ceases to lose interest of its tourists even for a second. The spectacular view of the valley is definitely something you would fall in love with at once. The Zanskar Valley for instance is a virtual treat and the first destination for adventure junkies. The dirt tracks cant even stop you to explore more of it. Nubra Valley, another show stealer, is a complete bliss to mind. Khardungla is like an icing on cake by being the highest pass on way to Nubra.

The aquatic bliss in Ladakh

Famous for its cold desserts, the land is also blessed with breathtaking aquatic landscapes with glistening crystal clear lakes. The best time to visit them is between May and September unless you urge to enjoy them in frozen state. Although there is a big list of lakes, but Pangong and Tso Moriri tops it all. The first being listed as world’s highest salt lake and emancipating a wide range of flora and fauna.

In a nutshell, Ladakh is a complete package of heaven on Earth and hence the first item of bucket list of adventure loving people. The curriculum in college life runs parallel to formatting the blueprint of trip to Ladakh. Age is just a number if you want to experience this natural beauty. It is often remarked that the years in your life is not the parameter but the life in your years that matters most when you think of Ladakh.