My life in New York City During Covid-19 Pandemic, a poem


My life in New York City During Covid-19 Pandemic, a poem

Kamala_Sarup, published in

A beautiful sunset,

Tears on my face

I am always there,

watching over people’s lives, speechless.

The wind blows, and the trees tremble.

I’ve strained to take them all in stride.

An assemblage of jagged rhymes

Can be viewed from the street,

I have my rhyming lines of my life—

I hope the journey continues along those lines.

The roads ahead me seem surreal.

It’s been a long time of my life in New York.

If I am to tell the true affirmation—

Nobody likes the time

I have been through.

My love is all over me.

I am at a loss for words to express my feelings.

I am struggling to survive–

To understand the significance of the inauguration

Of the love of my life.

Not fleeing from time,

I gaze out of the window and watch and watch,

From dawn to dusk.

The cool gentle breeze blows from the wave under the Brooklyn bridge,

And I walk out with imagination.

I am content while sitting by the window

That shows me the world outside.

The Sun is down now and it looks grim,

And a grove of trees disappears in the dark,

And slowly the moon comes out.

A stirring will creates bubbles of feelings,

A smile blossoms somewhere deep inside me,

They touch me, and I know I am here

I realize the value of life,

The moon up above the New York city

Knows my life story.

Kamala Sarup is an editor for and also a regular contributor to Cape May County Herald newspaper. She loves to write poems.