News organizations have increased greatly.


As I understand enhanced capacity of any media is necessary to initiate or seek changes in the existing socio/economic and political relation. And for the long run, collective efforts to reduce vulnerability must be attempted.

The media to create favorable public and international opinion. For democracy, negotiations and dialogues can also be used to strengthen capabilities.Some media seem to accept "news and opinions" as they are presented. As it is said: "the road to democracy is paved with good work". So the people may even recommend or advise, but it is we, who may have to accept the advises. This can also apply to social media. In any case, "strong media", may be lasting.

There are also social media. That is those run by various individual groups and of course, the alternative media, also exist. Each of these types of media, are used news and views of benefit to the people, democracy and economic freedom. Their role has had the benefit of providing different and at times messages, enabling the consumers to make choices. To some extent,among the media-consumers of the news and views provided has also been increased, especially due to presentations globally.

Media should be able to play that role, if and when economic freedom, is achieved. Currently the commercial and independent media seems to be more achieving international consensus leading towards freedom and democracy.

The opinion factor is very important. Time for honest opinion, articles and news can only arrive when we realize. And many people have already said this much number of times. No side stops to think, until forcing journalist and writers to look for alternatives.

Major media groups globally must try to stop an inequality and fight against terrorism and poverty.Some media groups do not have the power or freedom to make all the decisions by the way of response to address them in society. So at present, favorable time or condition and even the realistic approach of the people for genuine dialogue and negotiations does exist on freedom.Such condition can only exist, when from all sides is met by the media are made to realize the importance of freedom.

The productive role of the International media community or the UN could be in facilitating, at all levels the emergence of such condition for freedom. Then and only then, perhaps their media's role will be productive and meaningful, if at all necessary then.