One day i will share the world the way I met you?


Kelly, let me write for you. One day i will share the world the way I met you? <> -Kamala Sarup

Sunset, at your house today.

Tears on my face.

Go on, see how nice you are.

I hope the journey continues alongside the Harrison.

Very emotional journey.

An intuitive, instinctive ability to live.

If I must speak the truth,

Nobody likes the time or life.

Has treated me as you have. How I met you.

The moon was up there. Just the sun shined. And I met you then.

How you made me look at the sun. Every time I come across. I'll bring my dreams to life.

I'll tell the whole world my story. And when I first met you. I live here and talk. These specs, all the beauty of time, I had no voice, none. I can feel it.

Your name is spoken for the utmost time, And later that night, I watched you with Andrew. Experience & Witness, two beautiful human This is all about life.

It is absolutely amazing, Strong emotional imagery. By interpreting the emotions, I always feel that way. I'm still alive, breathing, writin'. How I met you. I'll take a minute.

Yes, I promise you. Unconditional memory determines. I'm starting to know me. Someday, I'll tell everyone my story. I'll just keep your faith. I keep repeating it to myself. This is so inclusive. My faith is eternal. I remember that day. You transformed my life. I wish I could meet you earlier Along this way, moon and round. I came here to meet you. The moon froth the water. The birds flew around. The color of the autumn leaves is also amazing. It's a brilliant moon.

One day, I'll be telling my story to the world. I want to see and testify,

Powerful, and beautiful you are The way I write, work and breathe.

Words can't express how I feel any more. I'm trying to live better. The moon knew my entire life. Just enough to fit in the palm. Watching my face, The work is beautiful, all the same Thanks for being so kind to me. Someday I'll tell the world. --