Peace is the only way we live.


Some people in this world live on minimum wage. It is true that life is not as simple as it appears. Tough life might separate us. Finally getting or having a successful life is to keep the ideas that our goal in life.

But what makes me sad is that we don't get each other when it comes to humanity. Has peace always succeeded? We can change the relationship of peace in time It is the mind, It cannot stay unchanged. To quote one intellectual, Since you are far from success, you have nothing to count on.

Whatever you don't have, you might not be happy when you do. We don't have static success. What makes you feel good about something changes. Joy and sadness are momentary, and respect and lack of respect make no sense in the long term.

Like the world where nothing is preserved, specially for you, peace. Here nothing special is guarded for us so our journey endlessly in vain. I might die on this undefined voyage - yes, die. After my death, humanity and peace would still mean something to me.

From what I understand, we cannot take up time statically. If we do, we will weep. Clearly, our way of life is nothing but the ongoing process of life. Why are we having this dream? The basic feature of our life is change, but we claim to live only to survive. You speak of how difficult it is to wear in faith. We fight amongst ourselves. Sometimes you fight with your own thoughts.
The world we live in is full of scarcity and greed. But the truth is that sorrow and joy are momentary things in this world. One cannot be happy forever. Peace is robbing you. If you do not meet and recognize each other, you may not be happy. 'Kama! We can't join the peace chain anytime soon. Before we do, we need to prepare to survive. You repeat that affirmation at every meeting, which recalls the true definition of life. Anyway, I've learned so much about life with your company. I can think about life. I must thank you. This is where I stand for peace! We have to decide life firmly.

If we are not independent, we cannot accept life in any significant manner. I am distressed by the present unfavorable situation in the world. It is true that nobody shares our solitude or our trials. You can accept this hypothesis. How you fly away from hardship, which you suffer poorly. As Rajanish said, If you can't fly and change the problems, close your eyes because the earthly tension and sadness live outside,

When you close your eyes the relationship without word disconnects automatically. I am amazed at the infinite sorrow of the world. Is there an end?
You hold the second place in my heart and mind, the first being God. No, I can't give up on you. The relationship between you and me is not generalized but I'm not the only one to think about it. You're loyal to me, and your ideas are indecisive. Peace and life that we cannot trust in the present, just as we cannot accept the future with blindness. How are our lives going to end?

Will we be able to do that or not? If there is an unbearable pain, how can I beg my heart to accept it. I cannot but offer you my life, that is why I offer you the second position in my heart after God. You're not below God to me.
The definition of truth and our definition are the same and I am at war to make life and the world more sensitive and delicate, of course. The war produces bad results. I could lose in a war. You could lose in an hour. We've lost a lot of time. Time has put us in such a position that we must enter into an agreement. The agreement will outline a new course of action. Why can't life take place according to our wishes?

Peace may dedicate itself to lead life only when we experience it, but we have lost our way, it is divided. We should not be recognized as certain people are.

I dared to tell you about the meaning, depth, purpose and devotion of love. It means I'm mentally prepared to make a deal with grief and sadness. We cannot rise above life's definition. Life is short, human life should be life-threatening, and then how difficult it is to live a free life. After a lengthy fight for peace,

I joined you and perhaps I can continue living alone without you. Or, I can start a journey on my own.

This is an equal chance. The journey should not come to a complete halt because there is no complete halt of faith and love.