Politics of education.


I need to wage war for good educational system to improve a peaceful political system. Besides, how can we protect a detailed social system so we can work exactly for the educational system reform?. Radical reforms on education needed because that implies an educational reform will perform elsewhere.

I have always stated the idea of spreading good educational system. Simply, this is a much more difficult task. Education is a vast and a powerful subject. We should not forget, good educational reform system enhances ability which is important in a politics. The issue isn't increasing economic development. It's the gift providing essential social service for the people like national health care for all and public education that's high quality also for everyone. Likewise, we need to use maximum educational funds for the poor students.
We want to facilitate the poor students and the trouble will end. Even an education and public security are two separate issues. We demand to work on both, but always to help poor students first. I don't see how we can function adequately unless the general population has at least the ability to read newspapers to know what is going on in the government so that they can choose leaders intelligently.

I prefer to promote more agreeable educational system. I would like a system that shows how the people joined the system whenever there were changes. Maybe educational reform system shows the political system through these alterations.
As for a sound educational system, a nation should have what we are looking for and where we can find the system that can be described as a place that permits more students to join. Cause we have a support who can support our cause. youths must be able to work and able to save the money for a better education system because education is a potential powerful system is being monitored closely to determine if the power becomes a prosperous.
And besides the poverty over the years seriously affected the social, educational and economic system. The aura of poverty can ruin the educational system.
I should know how the foundation of education is in a dialectical relationship with society?. When poverty arises, relationships between students and the educational system can get strained.
Educational system become victims. All political parties, members of civil society, the business community and general people should expand their active cooperation in establishing permanent educational reform system. Education sectors have become visible victims of politicization. Nepalese people are concerned that basic training should not be used for political means.
We have to act towards a mutually acceptable solution. We should promote mutual problem-solving efforts and should promote positive working relationships between students and educational system. We should help political organizations and school personnel focus on what they have in common with the student's needs.
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