Prem - Mandir : Wonderful Divine Love of Radha -


Prem - Mandir : Wonderful Divine Love of Radha - Krishna

——————————————————————————— — Dr Surendra Bhakta Pradhanang

Love is love .Love is all .Love is life . Love is heart .Love is something for everything. Love is everything for something . In understanding love , we meditate Radha - Krishna - the super love in spiritual soul .

God Narayan appeared as an incarnation of Shree Krishna in Krishnasthami 5,200 year ago.Similarly , Goddess Laxmi appeared as an incarnation of Radha . Shree Krishna is the king of love while Radha is the queen of love . God Mahadev told us that Radha Rani is the symbol of ‘ Prem ki Devi ‘.

This time Prem Mandir located in Radha -Krishna Complex at Pepsicola ,Kathmandu is divinely installed in terms of devotees’ pure unconditional love and pray.The wonderful image of Radha - Krishna is naturally composed in a divine power .We look forward in tirelessly chanting and praying .This is the most beautiful Radha -Krishna looking at divine picturesque for prayers and devotees .This Prem Mandir (Love -Temple) is nowhere in Nepal except than Pepsicola ,Kathmandu.

We Nepali people happily celebrated the birthday of Shree Krishna with devotional songs -bhajan kirtan and delicious food - ‘chhapanna bhog and chaurasi byanjan ‘. Radhya -radhya group of Bhajan - kirtan mandal started devotional songs with Bhakti and pray to Radha-Krishna .

Sadgurudev Kripalu Maharajji taught of ‘Tatowgyan ‘ to all devotees of Shree Krishna.Similarly,Ghanashyam Das Maharajji also continued and followed his principles for well being of human beings.At present,he is leading ‘Shree Krishna Tatow’ to the people of the world .

Shree Krishna is our divine lover who showed the art of living and culture to mankind .Shree Krishna is everything for us .We always pray and respect with our beloved devotional songs . Similarly,Radha Rani is also our divine lover who provided Her kind love and way of doing as well as thinking to us .We ,people learn the way of loving to one another from Divine Figure Radha -Krishna .Everything is Love in life .No life without love .We must worship ,pray and love to Radha -Krishna .

Life is very short and it can end at any time .Death my suddenly happen .No certainty of our life .Thus,we must follow Sadgurudev’s instructions and deep and pure meditation .Our ultimate goal is to gain - BHAGBATPRAPTI . We must certainly admit to Golok.All the time we ,human being would pray and devote to Our Param Priyatam Purushotam - Shree Krishna .

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