Security is important for Freedom


Published in UPI Asia blog,,,
"The message of the United States is clear: one cannot have ballots and bullets in a democratic process. Intimidation and violence have no roles whatsoever in the democratic process of any country." said US Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Barry Lowenkron.
What people want is based on facts and personal values, but I never could understand the abstractions of violence. Can't they (violent groups or terrorist group) think of anything or anyone new, as they are still locked into obsolete thinking about the people and, what is worse, promulgating their views.

Reason doesn't help when people are utterly convinced that a system must be accepted without thinking further. Freedom with security can point out the consequences, but that is all, as I said above. Is unthinking acceptance what the terrorist or any kinds of violence groups want?

As for myself, I don't want any armed militias or groups or terrorism to interfere with people's freedom, human rights, and their peaceful pursuit of development that doesn't discriminate against people and their families.

I want any armed violent groups out of people's life.

I do want people to fight for their security.
I do expect people, and women to have access to equal opportunities for employment.

Violence is very difficult to eradicate. There activities are going on with impunity, and this fact is slowly penetrating the brains of the people. Like everything, time, conditions, capacities are required.

What should be the role of the people? I say focus on "what can or could be" would be more realistic. The question of the role of the people is valid.  So what form of political system should be adopted?

Some important reasons to support security with freedom and peace are follows: It must be based on the will of the people. Or it should be made to practice what it implies in work.

What roles and powers should the legislature, the executive and the judiciary be given in security? Specifying roles is not an issue, ensuring the independence of these three parts of the system and insuring checks and balance is the need. Thus, people want a democracy, freedom, human rights,employment,  development with security to protect their future.