The Sound of Loneliness


The sound of loneliness
The sound more loneliness too
It comes from outside nearby
Where stands a large Peepal tree.

People say -
The Peepal haunts the place
In the night
People worship
Beneath the tree.

But I don't believe in the night
I have no belief
That Gods
Exist beneath the trees.

The sound is unusual
It's neither of people nor of the Gods
Sometimes, from inside
Sometimes, from outside
They say –
They hear crying and lulling

At last one day
I asked a poor man resting under the tree
What sound is it?
And why?

He said –
A woman has just delivered a baby
I am a porter
The baby is satisfied
In breastfeeding
But later the nipples flow no milk
The sound is indeed a reaction
Arising from the gap
Between demand and supply
The walls crack violently
Some faint shapes of mine appear
Life, I bow to you
The sound becomes sweet
As the poor man told,
The sound was a struggle
But sometimes
Even the struggle tastes sweet
Even the life struggle tastes sweet. 

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