Testing for Covid-19


Testing for Covid-19
-Kamala Sarup

Last March, I had a terrible headache and my body temperature soared
around 101°F, and setting up an appointment with my doctor was nearly
impossible. Due to the pandemic, visiting the hospital was out of the
question, however, the doctor asked me about my symptoms on the phone
and advised me to self-quarantine, prescribed me to take Tylenol every
4 hours until the fever subsides. If there develops flu like symptoms
aided by cough or difficulty in breathing, I was to call 911. With
everything happening all around the world, I feared that the same is
also going to happen to me; I was washing my hands more than usual, I
disinfected everything with bleach everywhere I usually touch. I was
using face-covering too. I drank lemon water during the day. I stayed
home forgetting my daily walk in the park. Even today after my fever
has subsided, I
strictly comply with the 6-feet social distancing. I stocked up on
toilet paper, flu medicine, fever
reducers, canned and other nonperishable food, water, etc.

Due to my strict quarantine habits, luckily, I was only experiencing
some mild regular fever. I was reluctant to get tested since I
believed that staying home and maintaining social distances will help
stop spread the virus. Now to get myself tested, I contacted the
Department of Health and they requested me to call complete care, but
the line was busy. After several attempts, I called urgent care in
Wildwood. I got the opportunity to test the same day. I was very
worried, and the anxiety was killing me. The doctor took my X-ray and
a virus swab test. The results took 3 days to publish however it felt
like 3 years but immediately after seeing that I was not a victim of
this vicious virus all the fears and doubts started to pop off. In
contrast, whenever I read or watch the news, I see so many people
dying and the rate of infection is increasing

All the essential workers around the world are trying their best to
control the spread of the virus along with finding out a cure. I see
many Americans disapprove of the protest the restrictions caused as an
aftereffect of the spread. Even though these restrictions create a
negative impact on the surrounding economy and status, we also must
remember that people are working very hard to eliminate the
aftereffects of the Covid-19. All those days in self-quarantine, I
have instilled some good practices such as washing hands frequently
for at least 20 seconds. Trying my best to not touch my face too often
when outdoors.

Please take the time to wipe down surfaces and door handles with
disinfectant cleaners frequently. Exercise of both mind and body is
very important in times like this hence I would like to request the
readers to take a walk in the park (if close to the resident) or
around the block to that will help the lungs to breathe in the fresh
air. This is a difficult and emotional time for everyone. I would
advise meditation, prayers, and yoga which I believe is the best way
to self- heal. It is a powerful medicine for strength that eventually
increases one’s self-courage and happiness. It is an equally
well-considered medicine for people.
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