Visiting Arlington, VA :One of the most beautiful experiences

Arlington, VA is a beautiful place to live in. On or near the DC Mall, which can be reached by the Metro train, these popular exhibits, all free, so no money is needed except for train fare and dining. One could spend a week in each of these exhibits and still not see everything in them. Air and Space if you like technology, old and new. Newseum, which gives a lot of US history as covered by the newspapers. Smithsonian for lots of US history with interesting exhibits of each topic. Holocaust museum for a history of the destruction of the Jews in Europe during WWII. If you like western art, then there are the National Gallery of Art and several other art museums there.

Asian art is at the Sackler and Freer Galleries. Fantastic collections there that I often visited when I lived here. Not too much time is required for a visit to the National Archives, if you want to see original copies of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and commentaries on these documents. Outside of DC, the best IMO is the round trip boat excursion from Georgetown dock to Mr. Vernon. Cost is $40 for round trip, including the entrance fee to Mt. Vernon. The view from the boat is outstanding and the trip is a relaxing one. One could also reach Mt. Vernon by bus or car, which is quicker and less expensive, but not as interesting.

This visit occupies a full day. There are lots of places to eat at these exhibits. This is a good time of the year to visit because the visiting children are back in school. During the summer vacation, June through August, the museums are overrun by students of all ages from all parts of the country. It is chaotic to visit during those months.

If  you have an auto and lots of time, you can visit the Baltimore harbor, Gettysburg, PA Civil War site, Annapolis, MD, Eastern Shore of MD, Colonial Williamsburg, VA. All are interesting places to visit that I have seen in the past.

Details of all these places are available on the Internet. There are no train museums around DC that I know of. The one that I visited a while back is near Lancaster, PA, which is a long way from DC.