When political leaders are busy committing economic crimes?


This article is about political, economic crimes. This is a serious crime that is dangerous for the economy. The point against relativism is simple. Political crime committed by politicians is harmful to democracy and profit. My point here is that financial crimes are difficult to retain. Financial crimes drain the public purse and make it difficult to implement a strong economic policy.

Then I'm trying to focus on how politicians can do more to ensure that procurement is transparent. Can they do this through the introduction of anti-corruption clauses in all major economic policies? A supplementary statement about my paper is although public expenditure on public procurement is out of control in relation to the total amount lost to the resister, it represents at least half of that amount. There's an old saying that I found. My statement is with respect to the intention. As a result of financial crimes, there will be a significant loss of public money needed for education. So how can we fight that wretched state of personal fear?
Corrupt civil servants have become a serious threat to an economic strategy. When political leaders fail to gauge the financial majority of the government, the poor will always be affected.
Still, when a gang of corrupt and ineffective politicians constantly represents the citizens, fermentation will occur at any time.
I would like to argue in favor of a system that works. Poor governance is an inevitable period of criminal delinquency, so I want to announce my war on rising prices. But those who perpetrated these acts are above all brutal. I have questions "Why is it so important for politicians to be transparent?'
I can't deal with politicians who don't care. If they do not care about infrastructure, hydroelectric power, bridges, hospitals and buildings.
From financial instability to legal uncertainty and growing financial crime, one thing is clear: bribery prevents the efficient allocation of resources. I shouted a variety of financial terror. This corruption is a reprehensible crime and I thought those crimes were terrible acts of terror. It also undermines democratic values. One of them is a small country like Nepal. Nepal has few resources to produce. Its hard and negative impact is now, Nepal has provoked more false and corrupt political leadership. Building a strong and prosperous country. There is a need for commodity creation. This calls for significant capital investment and growth in public transit.
Therefore, the other issue I'm talking about without visionary leaders, we cannot turn to knowledge workers because they are not demanding an enormous investment scandal. Other examples include order, accounting and negotiation of obligations. More features and options are available but I'm still analyzing how the leaders will destroy the nation. The lesson is always about Nepal.
When everybody in this country gets disappointed. Workers are incapable of operating a farm. One cannot compete with the literal world. As these workers gain income, it will create income for other workers.
Many nations are doing what I just said. Plus, I can't think of any better way. Without proper leadership, we cannot sustain a system that allows us to spend our revenues to enrich a country. I believe that power of influence is accompanied by knowledge and wealth. I'm halfway around the continent.
When corruption is this high, the risk of poverty is higher when people are living in poverty and economically marginalized. These conditions also affect the corporation's activities. Let alone investment interests. Sometimes I feel as if I don't have a political voice. The financial crimes of politicians have made it even more difficult to end the horrific problems created by poverty.

Our poverty is well documented. This is a financial crime that is also inappropriate for global economic development. When politicians only stand up for money and power. When they're at each other's throats. People die, everything goes to hell. While certain politicians will benefit from their new rich life.
I must point out here and again that unemployment and market prices have made life harder for people. Therefore, as a journalist, how can we defeat financial fraudsters. My statement has to do with intention. Due to this poor leadership, there will always be financial instability, legal uncertainty or increasing criminal activity.

I believe in transparency, but it is not easy to crack down on fraudsters and control their enforcement.
Kamala has a master's degree in economic studies.
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