When you are in love


"Your friend is beautiful. Only yesterday, the son of my uncle had written a letter to me." He was protective of her. He turned towards the south, looking through the corner of his eyes all the while ignoring my talk. "I came to the city swearing my love of your friend. Sometimes I become sad, for the image of her comes in my mind day and night," he said.

He quickly finished a packet of cigarette. He is the most frank person in our group, so it can also be said that there is no one against him. "One needs to have patience in love," sitting beside me, he spoke while taking a sip of tea.

"What am I doing if it is not patiently waiting? Not only this much, but I'm ready to wait throughout my entire life for her," he further said.

As always, he was straightforward and blunt, and at times, we were anxious of his habit of becoming silent after being angry. "It makes no difference if anyone tells me off or criticizes me," he said, standing up and heading towards his room. I guessed he had not liked my good-natured joking about her as it made his heart ache bitterly.

'How this girl could have walked without looking people walking in front though she has age and grown up to youth?' Once my sister had scolded her in the morning while she was walking down the street. 'Why you answering back this way? Don't you mind the manner of how to speak with the elders?' my sister had spoken instantly. Had we not been there, fight would have been taken place between them. After that, 'Until your sharp-tongued sister will remain I will never stop at your home,' she had sworn. I remembered my past. 

Every evening, remembering they would brag with me for resigning the job and go to village. 'How you will bring her after resigning job? Marriage is yet to be done. You should not get frustrated this way.' I did not know whether he would like or dislike at the talk I would convince him but his face would always get sad while I use to talk.

'Day after tomorrow I should move for village. Just after two days when I reach village, I will marry her.' He had spoken with boast without taking a breath. 'If mother does not let me marry, I will straightly get back catching a bus here. I have taken a return ticket, too. I should move in the morning.' Before giving me chance to speak a word, he had displayed the ticket towards me. 'How you dared to bring the ticket without doing any consultations? You should have asked for a word if you are going. If you do as you please then I can do nothing.' I had scolded him so badly. Then after without speaking even a single word with me he left the city.

I sensed that he had not informed her that he was coming.

"Are you informed? They are married now". A colleague of our group, informed it to others. I became really happy.

Fortunately, when he used to get depressed, he used alcohol to numb the feelings of sorrow and loneliness. But because of his love he accepts the consequences, and moves forward. Later, I heard, he has not had a drink since he got his love her. Nowadays, he is able to handle his depression without using alcohol to numb it. In any case, he has decided not to drink for life.

For when you trust in love, miracles happen.


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