Why everyone needs a black quarter zip pullover


Why Everyone Needs a Black Quarter-Zip Pullover

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There are many “must have” articles of clothing everyone needs in their closet. Denim jeans, button up dress shirts, khaki pants, backup ties, etc., etc. One piece of clothing that has risen to the very top of that list is the black quarter-zip pullover.

If there is one top that can compliment any bottom in your closet, it is a black quarter-zip pullover. It is classy and casual and can be worn for so many occasions. For years, people have understood that black is a foolproof, go-to color and you can never have too much of it in your closet.

Here are some of the reasons that everyone needs a black quarter-zip pullover.

Quarter-Zips Are the New Black

More than a trend, quarter-zips have proven they are here to stay. They have been around for a long time now, but never before have they been so popular. One could say that they are the new black. That makes black quarter-zip pullovers just plain great.

Black is classy. Not only that, it clashes with no colors. Sure, it can clash with navy if your navy is too dark, but for the most part you can’t go wrong. Choosing a black quarter-zip pullover over say, a grey or white one, means that you can wear it with more things in your closet.

They Are Light and Keep You Moving

Whether you are at work all day or out for a jog, you need something light and breathable. Luckily, black quarter-zip pullovers are just that. Most of them are designed specifically to be just form fitting enough to keep you moving and just elastic enough to keep you cool. 

Some things you should look out for:

  • Pay attention to the material, polyester and spandex allow movement 

  • Check to see if there is any wicking to absorb moisture

  • Get an idea of how thin it is, the thinner the better unless you are in a cold climate

Usually, they are thin, comfy and go great with a nice undershirt.

You Will Get a Lot of Use Out of Them

There aren’t many things in your closet that can get as much use as a black quarter-zip pullover. The reason for that is that it is appropriate for so many situations. You probably don’t have many things in your closet that are just as appropriate for the gym as in a restaurant or at the office.

Black quarter-zip pullovers epitomize that sleek athleisure look that is so popular today. They look just as good out on a date as they do out on the trail running.

Comfort is Key

More than anything, they are just plain comfortable. Sure, they look great and go well with clothes both casual and fancy, enjoyable clothing to wear. Quarter-zip pullovers are soft and thin and are great for relaxing around the house.

They aren’t so bulky that they only work for one time of the year and they aren’t so thin that they will tear. Look good, feel good is a very real thing. Black quarter-zip pullovers epitomize this, but you don’t even need to leave the house to feel good in one.

A good one is so comfy that you will feel good no matter what. The versatility and variety in looks that you can pull off revolved around a black quarter zip pullover makes them worth getting. 

One look to keep in mind, is layering a black quarter-zip with a white technical tee and some joggers. Simple, iconic, classic, and comfy.