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We Can Stop Suicide Deaths

Published in Cape May County Herald.

Last week, I organized a group discussion on "suicide prevention and awareness" at my home. My friends and relatives were there to mourn for my friend who just committed suicide.

Cape May romantic and attractive in the spring.

I usually spend my time at the Bay looking at the twilight with the touch of cool breeze that always makes Cape May romantic and attractive in the spring. My love for this place is beautiful. The beaches and the ocean with the sound of the waves have always inspired me to write poems and articles about the beauty of this place.


When I Met Amrita Pritam

When I first met Amrita Pritam, the first prominent Punjabi woman poet (1919-2005), it was July and I was living in Karol Bagh, New Delhi.

When I called her at home, her husband Imroz picked up the phone, and I made an appointment to see her.


Writer Parijat And Love

“Love is a sovereign experience in human beings only”.


Stop marijuana legalization

I strongly oppose the use of Marijuana in NJ and it is a matter of surprise that both the leaders from Democratic and Republican Party wants to legalize it in this state.


Make Small Business a Priority

Published in Cape May County Herald.

Women's economic or social status.

"I will never forget my husband's simplicity. I cannot believe that he is no more now," says my friend, a 23-year-old who lost her husband in 2003. Twenty-five-year-old her husband had joined the job just one year earlier. He was transferred only three months ago. "Your husband is said to be in hospital. Get ready. We should leave right away on the 2:00 bus," I had told her hurriedly. 


Women empowerment is key to economic development.

(revised article) Women empowerment depends on the wealth of a country. Women empowerment is key to social and economic development. Women generally have more discipline than men. Good economic program would help them straighten their financial needs and maintain fiscal discipline. Women are not only one of the founders of culture and society but also in all the countries of the world.



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