Breast cancer: She will always be missed !


Four years ago my beautiful and kind older sister Bimala was diagnosed with advanced Brest Cancer, died after a courageous battle against Brest cancer in January 2016 and grief hit me like a hell. I have lost her my idol role model. She showed me that compassion, hard work, love, and forgiveness have a power. She was a loving, beautiful and caring woman. I am missing her with tears each and every day. I know how difficult it is when you lose a loved one. She was a great woman and very beautiful.

She had a small role in the telefilm. I also believe, when there is life there is always hope of surviving even the hardest of times. What I have learned through this very difficult life, is love, forgiveness and compassion. My whole life I have been taking care of mysister and others. This, has been my painful time, painful life, and I have learned to be far more compassionate. life has been hard, but lessons are to be learned. Life, to be sure, is a journey – and filled with more pain, more suffering and heartbreak. How much I cared about my sister and was fully committed to support her with everything (even my own life). This is a part of life everyone undergoes through the most important thing is to bear the pain. I think, she is in a better place where she will never have to suffer the pain.

May God give me and my family (including my parents, my younger sister, brother and Bimala’s son Biswas the strength to cope with this irreparable loss!. Now I have my younger sister has her own film production company. She is making a movie in honor of sister Bimala. Me and my younger sister both will make my older sister proud of us.

Thank you God, for the strong love and kindness. Yes, God will make our efforts successful. May the departed soul rest in peace. Bimala you will always be missed.