Coronavirus, Beyond I love myself this evening


By Kamala Sarup       


I want it to shape my thinking beyond tonight

I will write a verse for myself 

I embrace myself trying to warm up 

I try to catch myself 

Between my rhythm

That's really 

Stress seems to be a constant issue in life

In any case, I picked up my poem

Just rewrite it, 

I wake up wanting to write 

I want to insure the path in the darkness.

In the nighttime of my day.

How firm is my verse,

How strong is my rhythm?

 Rainfall will show me again

The current of air will blow me again 

Across the night sky,

I'm going to share some of my poetry

I write my poetry solely 



I am holding it in my hand,

I am only about to Cry

Here starts my sleepless night,

Still sitting on the moon,

 I don't want to compromise anything

I am lost and I find myself again.

I write my poetry for me


You have left me blind instantly.

I want to warm up my feeling

I'm seeing myself differently 

I carve up my poetry between the two

I am not that distant 

Always mine.

Not that close, anyway, 

Always mine.

For me, I write 

I just want to find my way


This has been the worst day of my life.

Poetry in the rainfall

I love sitting out in the evening 

sun afterwards

A thunderstorm in the night

How firm is, my life

My feelings were interfering with my rhythm, 

And sight to hold,

This night, Rain will arrive

Alas, The wind will blow it out, 

Like the many stars in the sky,

It gets up and sinks

Even more painful at night 

I am hardly about to write again.

I am almost always writing

I am always right

I mean it is just so perfect