I am touched on the social economy


I am touched on the social economy

Author: Kamala ‘Sarup’

Now I want to talk about wealth creation. However, longer and healthier lives, when coupled with improved education and foreign investment in local industries can contribute to greater productivity in the countries and thereby improve their development standards. For an example of how leaders can make all the difference in people’s living conditions.

Indeed I am doing enough in talking about poverty but not in combating poverty in action. There is some poverty alleviation program developed and implicated. We are on the effort of combating poverty. Theoretically, political leaders, and concerned authorities talked much more about our poverty and its combat and held several seminars and conferences on it. Consequently, poverty could not have reduced in real terms. Each year we prioritized it in budget speech. We see the major focal point –poverty alleviation focused even in the preamble of those of national plans. But the implication of poverty alleviation programs is being experienced is very weak and ineffective to cope with the absolute poverty.

Poverty alleviation fund has been established. Some poverty alleviation programs alleviation’ were started . Due to poor implementation and absence of honesty in program ,the output of the programs could not have resulted in significance. Despite of the programs undertaken no progress was made in combating poverty.

Economy and jobs, we want, is the common factor of development which affects the whole system of the politics. ‘No economy, no agreement’ are the major causes of poverty, and unemployment. If the national politics led by the slogan of People’s democracy is attractive in hearing. It should be normalized and functioned to all people in the politics. One should not go against other when we compromise and understand one to other. Economy of the people is the buzzword along with development. Now there must not be any conflict in this respect.

Then the door for combating poverty and unemployment opens. Secondly, the massive programs on economic development strategy have to be introduced and applied. The all brain power ought to be utilized for the development. In fact, economic development in various fields should be handed over at the hands of experts with due consideration.

Besides, the bad influence of political leaders who are in government administration must be dismissed from the power. Those who abused the power holding government post and portfolio should be punished as per the regulations set. The corrupted administrators must be eliminated. Poverty and unemployment are reactions to the unstable economic crisis. On the other side, National productivity as well as GDP growth rate on GDP which does not match the reality of the nation’s economy.If the supply system is not good, mostly blocked and black-marketed in the country. The inflationary rate, will continued.

Thus, we need the economic revolution. This can help invest for accelerating development of other sectors of the economy.

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