Women in the Judiciary


Published in Cape May County Herald. 

Our Middle Township Municipal Court Judge Dorothy Incarvito-Garrabrant is a pioneering woman. After meeting Incarvito-Garrabrant, I have concluded the entrance of women into the legal profession is the most important empowerment and many have been very successful practicing law in the U.S.

The first woman was appointed to the U.S. federal bench nearly 140 years ago.

"Today, about one-third of active judges are women who serve as U.S. Court of Appeals judges, U.S. District Court judges, U.S. Magistrate judges, and U.S. Bankruptcy Court judges," according to American Bar Association.President Barack Obama seems to support women's growth in the law profession.

According to National Women's Law Center, "President Obama nominated 171 women in the federal judicial system. He has also appointed seven women to federal Courts of Appeals and 17 women to District Courts where no female judges previously served.

"In addition, he has appointed more than twice the number of women of color to the federal bench than any previous president," the report continued.

Incarvito-Garrabrant represents a vision of strength for our community because the role good judges play is very important and crucial. We need more women judges to develop a set of bridges for law and order to eradicate inequality and to develop legal strategies that will help promote women and country.

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