We Can Stop Suicide Deaths

Published in Cape May County Herald.

Last week, I organized a group discussion on "suicide prevention and awareness" at my home. My friends and relatives were there to mourn for my friend who just committed suicide.

Make Small Business a Priority

Published in Cape May County Herald.

Supporting Planned Parenthood, Equality and Freedom

Published in Cape May County Herald.

Recently, women from all over the country have been protesting for women's health and rights. Fighting for women's health is not just about women's rights to health, but it is also about women's equality and freedom.

Story of a disappearance

Published in United Press International Asia News (UPI) blog.

Early Marriages Are Bad Practice

Published in Cape May County Herald. :Today, many countries have declared 18 as the legal minimum age for marriage, while these laws may exist on paper only. We should remember that high levels of early marriages have led to a rise in maternal and infant mortality throughout the world.

Tourism will create income and employment opportunities.

The challenge for the new emerging economic is to distribute wealth among the people more equitably, and to open up employment opportunities to the whole population. "Tourism is mistakenly considered a rich man's business.

My friend and her daughter

This article was originally published by UPI Asia news blog. 
The daughter of my friend, was missing. I am writing to express
my feelings to her, about the story of her daughter's missing. She

The Body decays but Love never dies.

"Lovely friend Kamala," my friend sent me these words by email. "Whenever you allow yourself to feel the extreme of love and the extreme of freedom and peace, pain and sorrow will be wiped out. My words will provide you a place as the morning breeze does. This is the foundation of love and peace." This part of the long email sent by my friend suddenly increased the beatings of my heart. I wonder how it is that love sent through an email can play such a sensitive role in my life.

Women in the Judiciary

Published in Cape May County Herald. 

Preventing Crime in New Jersey

Published in Cape May County Herald.

Recently, around midnight, two young men were trying to steal some money from my car. Unknowingly, they tripped the car alarm and I woke up as soon as it went off since my bedroom is very close to the driveway. They stole my registration and insurance card. I immediately called Middle Township Police. The police were very kind and helpful, and I’d like to thank them.

 This is one example of many of increasing terror/ criminal activities in New Jersey, which is an issue we


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