An unfaithful heart.


By Kamala Sarup 

It's the real story. 

Navin left the house. He put on his shoes and hit the street in a hurry. He didn't tell his wife, he was leaving. In the last seven years, he used to go out after breakfast and tea. He always did that after work. Today, however, he rushed out when his wife was busy making tea in the kitchen. 


Opposing War Together With Libertarians

Author: By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, October 7, 2022

I’ve just read In Search of Monsters to Destroy by Christopher J. Coyne. It’s published by the Independent Institute (which seems dedicated to untaxing the rich, destroying socialism, and so forth). The book begins by citing as influences both peace advocates and rightwing economists.


Israel’s Democracy Is In Peril


By all accounts Israel is considered a democratic country, but a close look at its domestic political combustion sadly reveals that Israel’s democracy is in tatters and is tearing at the seams. This is due to the political leaders’ dismal failure to summon their collective resourcefulness and energy to respond to the call of the hour

Righting the Wrong


Homicide, prosecutions were not being brought


Although there is no simple and universally accepted definition of homicide crime but in simple words, a homicide crime is unlawful act punishable by the authority or a state. Hence, there exist different categories or different types of misconduct such as personal, property, inchoate and statutory crimes that is not accepted by the community or a state. Homicide and domestic violence is considered as one of the biggest crime today even when homicide violence laws are very strict.


Get Mad About Nuclear Madness

Author: By David Swanson, September 24, 2022 Remarks in Seattle on September 24, 2022 at I am so sick and tired of wars. I’m ready for peace. What about you? I’m glad to hear it. But pretty much everybody is for peace, even the people who think the surest way to peace is through more wars. They have a peace pole in the Pentagon, after all. I’m pretty sure they ignore it more than worship it, although they do make a lot of human sacrifices for the cause.


One day i will share the world the way I met you?


Kelly, let me write for you. One day i will share the world the way I met you? <> -Kamala Sarup

Sunset, at your house today.

Tears on my face.

Go on, see how nice you are.

I hope the journey continues alongside the Harrison.

Very emotional journey.

An intuitive, instinctive ability to live.

If I must speak the truth,

Nobody likes the time or life.

Has treated me as you have. How I met you.

The moon was up there. Just the sun shined. And I met you then.




By David Swanson A preview of the film “Riotsville” is here. There’s a good review of the film here, and another here. In the late 1960s, the U.S. military built a fake town called Riotsville (or a fake “inner city” actually) on the Fort Belvoir base in Virginia, and then another at Fort Gordon in Georgia — the same state where the Atlanta police are now working on the construction of an enlarged, updated, high-tech Riotsville commonly called “Cop City.”



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